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Data visualisation and data analysis - the keys to better decision-making

The hidden gold in your business

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Most companies use, collect or store data but too often it stays trapped in disparate systems across the organisation. It’s a valuable hidden resource that many don’t tap into to gain a competitive edge.

Executives across all functions be it finance, operations, IT, marketing or sales need to be accessing valuable data to help make better informed decisions. It’s the data savvy business that gets the edge over the competition.

Software Solved will assist you in building business intelligence reports,  dashboards and visualisations and migrate from legacy BI technologies to Microsoft’s modern BI tooling.

Data Visualisation with PowerBI

PowerBI is a powerful, low cost, business intelligence tool that lets users connect to the data that matters to them wherever it is – and in real time. Power BI connects to over 800 software systems from spreadsheets through web pages to big data, wherever it is stored. That includes Oracle, MS Dynamics, Salesforce, Sharepoint, Mailchimp and many more.

At Software Solved we are experts in getting the most from Power BI. We’ll access, integrate and visualise your data so you can unlock the profit that is hidden within it.

For an introduction to how Power BI could benefit your business, listen to the following segment from our recent webinar. From 8 minutes, 16 seconds our resident experts Jon Stace and Tom Rooks will give you an overview of Power BI with a live demo of the portal.

Data Analysis For All Webinar from Software Solved on Vimeo.

Software Solved has a wealth of experience in enabling businesses like yours to gain actionable insight from your data, bringing disparate and complex intelligence together in one place and allowing you to gain value.

Our holistic view of the development and support lifecycle of software systems enables deep understanding of your complex data structures, meaning we get the very best results for you.

The information is all there. Call on the data experts to help you see the potential that lies within it. For a free data consultation call one of our experts now on 01392 453344 or email us at hello@softwaresolved.com.

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Who needs this service?

If you want to get accurate business information from the data you hold to help support your decision-making and you are:

  • CEO/MD
  • Head of Finance
  • Head of IT
  • Marketing Director
  • Operations Director
  • HR Director

or hold a similar position, then we have an inexpensive solution for you.